Friday, February 10, 2012

Lions and Tigers and Christina Aguilera! Oh my!

     Our California trip is about 3 days away now and I can't wait for some warm weather. We already got accepted to go to Jay Leno for Wednesday, but the guest is Bill Maher and I have no interest in seeing him at all. We also got accepted for the Thursday show, but that guest isn't very good either. Then I found out that one of the guests on Friday is Dave Salmoni, who was the host of one of my favorite shows, Into the Pride. Right around 7:45 of this clip you'll see how legit this guy is.

     It's no secret that I love lions and I guess big cats in general. So I wrote him on Twitter and asked if he was going to bring any animals to the show and he actually responded and said he is. So now I really hope we can get tickets to this show to see Dave, The Fray, and Christina Aguilera I guess...

She's beautiful on the inside I'm sure.

     Anyways, baseball season is just around the corner and I can't wait. Speaking of weight, Miggity has lost about 25 lbs to play 3rd and is looking good and Prince is...well...he's just big boned. Aimee and I still have the MLB package this year so we'll be tuning in to every game possible. I think I only missed about 3 games last season and I'm hoping to improve upon that this year. 

     In honor of the return of baseball season, I'll leave you with another one of my favorite commercials. Enjoy!