Friday, January 27, 2012

Leftward to California!

     It's true, Aimee and I have decided to take a grown up vacation to California to visit my sister and brother in law. This is probably the most spontaneous thing we've ever done. After a text from my sister and about 10 minutes of flight searching, we booked tickets for Feb 14-19. I'm excited to show off my new body at Muscle Beach...


     Although this is a little old. Now I look a little more like this...

     Should be a nice getaway from the cold, bland Minnesota winter. I think we'll go to a comedy club, Jay Leno, maybe a winery, maybe a Clippers game, maybe some camping...who knows? All I know is that my very pregnant sister will be the full time DD. If anyone reading this has any other good ideas of things to do in so cal, please let us know.

     Before I go, I want to leave you all with this...enjoy!

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